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Terms & Conditions

  1. The Demonstration Tours (DEMOTOURS) are stimulations of Lakbay Kalikasan's Outbound Education Programs. For
    DEMOTOURS 2008, this sites include Angono and daranak Falls, Biak na Bato, Mt. banahaw and bauan, Batangas. Other sites
    and programs for actual Outbound with students are listed at the back of the Lakbay Kalikasan brochure.
  2. The DEMOTOURS are open to preselected schools duly accredited by the Department of Education (DepEd) or the Commission
    on Higher Education (CHEd). The invitation is open only to administrators, principals, activity and academic coordinators or their faculty representatives.
  3. The DEMOTOURS are conducted for one (1) whole day and are inclusive of transport, module, materials, entrance fees and lunch. A Certificate od participation will be issued after the trip.
  4. Destinations and dates must be chosen from the table above and must be based on the school's department (Grade School, High School, or College), subject area (Science or Social Science) and school location.
  5. Reservations can be made by faxing the filled up form to (02) 932-7818 to 19 loc 805 no later than five (5) working days before the trip. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis.
  6. Each department may avail of two (2) trips, one for Science and another for Social Science faculty. Administrators and coordinators in charge of educational tours are encouraged to join both trips. Teachers of other subject areas may also join trips for integration purposes.
  7. Three (3) participants per subject area will be accommodated free-of-charge. The school may choose to send less than three participants.
  8. In excess of the three (3) participants, lakbay Kalikasan will charge the following rates for each participant: Angono and daranak Falls -P700, Biak na Bato -P800, Mt. Banahaw-P800, and Bauan - P995
  9. Accommodation of excess participants is subject to the availability of seats. The maximum allowable number of excess participants per school per trip is two (2).
  10. Non-school personnel, family and personal guests are higly discoureaged from attending the DEMOTOURS. Their accommodation will be subject to the availability of seats. Excess participants rates will apply to them.
  11. Cancellation or rescheduling of trips must be made no later than two (2) working days before the trip. After this deadline, the school will be charged P500 for each participant who cancels or reshedule his trip. The same charge applies for excess participants.
  12. Each participant is expected to be in good health and shall sign a waiver before departure. The DEMOTOUR is not covered by
    travel accident insurance.
  13. participants must arrive at the designated pick-up points on time. lakbay Kalikasan reserves the right to leave behind participants to avoid comprising the itinerary and safety of the group.
  14. Lakbay kalikasan reserves the right to refuse passage, to cancel or postpone DEMOTOURS due to safety concerns.
  15. Participation in the DEMOTOUR does not commit the school to enroll, subscribe or purchase services of Lakbay kalikasan for its Outbound Education program.
  16. The school administrators and faculty shall accommodate lakbay Kalikasan in their premises to conduct a one (1) hour presentation about the company's programs prior or after the DEMOTOURS.



Outbound Education is a developmental learning program, from pre-school to post-graduate, designed to validate theoretical learnings inside the classroom and apply these to the real world, in real time and in real conditions. Anchoring on the tenets of
safety, education and adventure.


Safety first, because life is above everything else. We’ve made our safety and risk management both a science and an art all through the years with an unmatched safety record. Consider this:

  • From 2-3 Outbound Educators per section; trained in first aid, safety and risk management
  • Travel accident insurance with medical reimbursement
  • Road Safety Assistants and Local Community Guides
  • Emergy Medical Services care of Lifeline Arrows
  • Technical equipment from two-way radios, life-vests, hardware for climbing, etc

EducationWe make the social and natural environment as resources for learning. Learning modules are aligned to the grade or year level of the students; the key is to successively expose the students to various conditions that best fit their learning capabilities. Academic objective is therefore aligned to the curriculum. From urban settlement to tropical rainforest and even marine ecosystem, 45++ different destinations with over 50 different modules available.

  • Process design or module per grade or year level
  • Outbound Education Journal for each participant
  • Use of the Learning Enhancement Tools and Activities (LETA); implements we have created such as models, toys, game props, mime, puppets, magic to enhance learning while having fun
  • Science experiment kits
  • Group dynamics, games, challenge courses

Adventure“Learning while having fun,” is an adage we live by. Our program is replete from simple story telling to technical but safe activities. Delighting the students through adventure is by no means simply having fun. All adventure programs are aligned to deliver the results of the academic objectives at hand.

  • Hiking, trekking, bouldering
  • Rappelling
  • Rock climbing (both indoors and outdoors)
  • River trekking, wading, swimming
  • Skin diving to SCUBA (for college participants only)
  • Spelunking or caving
  • Bird watching


Corporate Social Responsibility and Outbound Education
Lakbay Kalikasan believes that everything that we do must benefit all. When you subscribe to Outbound Education, these are the programs your students are directly and indirectly taking part of:
  • Promotion of ecotourism by providing local community with alternative livelihood through fees paid as guide honorarium, entrances and patronage of their stores and eateries.
  • Faculty Development Assistance Program.
  • Contribution to Community Developmental Program and/or Environmental Movement channeled through non-stock, non-profit organizations.
  • Carbon Neutral – self-imposed environmental tax, part of the fee goes to environment projects to offset the carbon emission outbound trips produce.
  • Clean-up Drive and Tree Planting built-in programs.
  • Zero Waste Management
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